Dancer Reflections: Kate Blair

Katewhat would be the central question to ((y)our) life?
what do you(we) need to survive?
what do you(we) need to thrive?
what brings you(us) joy?
what choice sustains life?
where does inner create outer?
where does outer create inner?
what is the inner/outer saying about (y)our survival?

would you rather type on this computer, talk on your cell phone or acknowledge interdependence?
see a species survive and thrive?
visit a pristine natural area?
is there a way to embrace all of those things?
is there a way to use without abuse?
to be fragile yet strong?
a way to yield and still keep up with the changing pace of life?
is there a way to survive humbly and quietly, without needing to say anything about what you need?

i need darkness to balance the quickness and abundance of light
i need a place to go within so i have energy to bloom
i need a fungal relationship: i am interdependent
i resist being cultured by others, stubbornly.
just try to change me.
i want isolation yet still to be part.
i am called a Coleman’s coralroot orchid…
but i could represent many things: whole cultures that have been destroyed or are at risk…
human, creature’s longings all intertwined, just trying to survive, longing to thrive.