Rosemont Ours: A Field Guide celebrates the plants and animals of the Santa Rita Mountains of Southern Arizona, and its nearby riparian areas, featuring movement meditations of over 20 species – from Coleman’s Coralroot Orchid to Filamentous Algae, Desert Tortoise to Jaguar – performed by trained modern dancers.

Rosemont Ours was born in response to the construction of Rosemont Mine, an open-pit copper mine proposed by a Canadian mining company. If built, the mine would impact over 4,000 acres of land in Southern Arizona, including critical habitat for nearly a dozen species federally recognized as threatened or endangered as well as precious riparian areas and groundwater resources. By “replacing” plants and animals with human beings in reverential and playful ways, the film invites us to consider our role as both stewards and consumers of nature.

The video a project of NEW ARTiculations Dance Theatre in collaboration with visual artist Ben Johnson. It was directed by Kimi Eisele and filmed/edited by Ben Johnson.. An original musical score was composed by Vicki Brown and David Sudak.

Click below to watch an Arizona Public Media clip about the project:

And learn more about the impacts of the proposed mine at Save the Scenic Santa Ritas. View images of the land and livelihoods at stake at Lens on the Land.

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